Alexx’s funtastic housing hunt, fin

Well, I got a place. Going quickly go back to October 29th, 2005 we can see that I meant this blog as a “sort of post-travel narrative, a chronicle of the after college, after relocation life of one displaced New Jersian.” Although that’s not the most wonderfully constructed sentence ever written, it does bring to light why this blog was started. That post-travel period has ended… so now what? What does it become? I think it will try to go back to the original intent, but from a stationary perspective… a narrative about carving out a new life from a new place. Or, it’ll be more bitching and moaning about whatever randomness occurs to me, either way is good.
On that note I leave you with links:

High Resolution Photo of Mars Warning, that photo is very large, dial up beware.
Really funny thing about trying to cancel AOL

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