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I'm called Alexx. This podcast is useless and without merit, unless you like nonsense. Don't listen to it.

Episode 327 – Book Club: VALIS w/ Eric Millar

Tonight we fulfill the prophecy set forth in that one episode where I said we’d read VALIS as some sort of book club then talk about it. Thus, the prophecy was spoken, thus it was revealed…

Anyway, go read Eric’s books. https://www.amazon.com › Eric-J.-Millar

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Book Club Announcement

Pretty much what the title says. We’re doing Valis by Phillip K Dick. Get questions/comments in by September 22nd.
Social Media Links:
gmail: alexxcast
Twitter: @thealexxcast
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexxcast
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/alexxbollen

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Episode 326 – Book signing, book club, and tick-based vegetarianism

Welcome to episode 226, wherein I discuss various book-related topics, then talk about a tick-born allergy to meat. https://www.wired.com/story/lone-star-tick-that-gives-people-meat-allergies-may-be-spreading
Possible books for the book club:
Dune by Frank Herbert
Corpus Hermeticum (This edition https://www.amazon.com/Way-Hermes-Translations-Definitions-Trismegistus/dp/0892811862)
Valis by Phillip K Dick
Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger

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Guest appearance on Charm the Water

Alexx on Charm the Water. Find them at charmthewater.com @charmthewater

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Episode 325 – Solo show from the heart of a vacation

Tonight, Alexx prattles on about reviews; talks about a book signing on August 11th at the Standard, 14 NE 22nd, in Portland, OR; and answers a couple of listener requests. Enjoy?

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Episode 324 – Alexx has a new book out! w/ Arnemancy

Tonight Alexx has Erik Arneson in studio to keep him on topic. That topic? Alexx’s new book, “The Theravada Machine and Other Stories“.  Available on Amazon!
Find Erik’s work at https://arnemancy.com/

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Episode 323 – My show is very old w/ Steph Infection

Hey gender neutral guys! It’s episode 323, and I’m feeling nostalgic for the old show… the one where everything was worse and no one should ever revisit…. available on the Patreon patreon.com/alexxbollen 
Steph Infection (Host of TMITuesday)and I discuss the old show; the new book; figure out for certain whether or not there is an afterlife; and all sorts of other things. Enjoy!

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Episode 322 – The Disruption Generator w/ Eric J. Millar

Episode 322, wherein the secret divination methods of one Eric J. Millar are revealed. We discuss the creation of his book “The Portable Disruption Generator” as well as the various other topics surrounding living life as an independent artist.

Hardcover https://tinyurl.com/yybcd6xe
Eric on Amazon https://tinyurl.com/y4h4q4cm

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Episode 321 – Arnemancy Episode 1

Guys! Rev Erik has rebranded his podcast! Arnemancy abounds! I was on the first episode! You should listen! We play with tarot cards!
Find him at https://arnemancy.com/ and all other podcatchers

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Episode 320 – A filler episode if I’ve ever made one

A mediocre to terrible solo show. It’s probably only listenable to the regulars… even then… yikes. Anyway, I talk about the new short story collection; how bad I am at stuff; and whether or not there is free will. Please listen to John and Alexx Hate Stuff instead (johnandalexxhatestuff.com and everywhere you find podcasts). Or, bribe me via Patreon to do a better job of this patreon.com/alexxbollen

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