Cleaning house

I have a large backlog of links built up for your viewing pleasure. Please, indulge in the glory of One Angry Anthropoid’s amalgamated(alliterative) links:
For you Atari historians out there, I give you THIS THING! Learn the story of the ill-fated E.T game.
Ferrofluid Sculptures. These look neat, click it.
Speaking of looking neat, “Model world” is one of the more brain twisting pictorial sites I’ve ever seen. I’m still having a hard time believing these are actual places… Either way, check this site out, it’s aces.
Peanuts in the real world are very disturbing.
These are the most important buried stories of the year. It’s a rather biased site, but still interesting.
Another interesting cover up is the story of this guy and his NASA goodness.

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