Dead people

Yesterday was the quarter century anniversary of John Lennon’s death. Not that big of a deal, I was only 3 months old at the time; can’t say that I remember it happening. But, as a Beatles fan, I found myself a little down about it. Last year, when I was on the East coast, I went to Strawberry Fields in NYC to hang out with other Beatles fans. That was a pretty special time to be in NY, made me feel like a part of something. Anyway, good luck in the nothingness, after, or next life John.
Now, the real reason for an update. Robert Sheckley is dead. He was a fine writer with a very original way of seeing the world. He will be missed. For anyone who hasn’t read his work, go now, read, enjoy. I can only hope this means some of his out of print stuff will show back up on shelves. Good luck in the nothingness, after, or next life Robert. You’ll be missed

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