Dr. Anthropoid: or how I learned to stop working and love the bomb.

As you could probably glean from the overly convoluted Dr. Strangelove reference of the title, I’m no longer employed. I started on a Wednesday, quit two days later. You may be asking yourself,” ‘Hey, why would you only last two days if you’re so broke?”. Well, that’s a damn fine question, with an explanation which I consider, in my demented mind-set, rational. The first day was full of the same doldrums of any first day, not knowing what to do, feeling useless and generally learning the ropes.

The previous niceness of the people working there had started to take on a strangeness though. A small amount of disconnect was evident anytime I asked a question or made a comment. My curiosity was roused. During the course of the first day I was handed a xeroxed book on how the company works, what they expect from me and all that jazz. The second day was about the same. I was learning the job, and learning to dislike it. On my lunch break I perused the aforementioned book and found a disturbing little fact. The company that I was working for has “biblical business practices”. That was it. I finished out the day, went home after and went on a tirade about this to my brother about not wanting to sell out for so cheap. I decided it wasn’t worth it. I can’t sell my soul for so small a wage, so long a commute or so Christian a business. I quit the next morning.; which brings me back to the start. I’m back to the data entry job; though it’s 16 hours a week now, thereby keeping me in raman noodles for a while longer.
So, what did I get from this whole experience? I learned that I will not sell out… for less than 15$ an hour. I got some nice new clothes. And I got one weird story of quitting a job based on my “logical business practices”.

I’m back to square one, a little wiser, a little better dressed, and a lot more sound in my belief that I will stand by my principles… assuming that I’m getiing paid less than 15$ an hour. Well, now that I’m unemployed again, I get to look through the old intraweb here and cull up interesting links for your approval:

So, let’s start off slow and wish a fond farewell to an integral part of American history. Western Union has sent its last telegram. Beep beep beep… beep beep beep indeed.
Do you miss your dead wife? Do you happen to have a piece or two of her left laying around? Well, here’s how you can keep those pieces forever, sans smell and strange looks from friends.
Speaking of humans having a moronic obsession with trying to hold on to dead people they cared for. Here is the Ossuary gallery; I suppose people know of it already, but it’s new to me.
By the way, please visit some of the links I have posted in the right margin. I have no association with them really; but I do find some cool links from them and feel guilty not giving up “props”, as the kids say.

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