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Something occurred to me this morning while watching the Rifftrax version of a Harry Potter film, and I felt a need, as a journalist, to report on it. I think that Warwick Davis might be the single most successful actor based on box office earning, ever. Let’s look at it; most recently he’s been in most of, if not all, the Harry Potter movies. At this point he’s in the top 1% of actors, or so I guess. Next up, he’s in Episode 1 of Star Wars.. but wait, who’s that adorable Ewok in the trees? That’s right, Warwick Fucking Davis. So there’s 8 hugely successful films all featuring Mr Davis.
Now, I love the Leprechaun series as much as the next man, but we’ll ignore those. He was also in the 80’s classics, Labyrinth and Willow. Also, he played one of the only good parts, Marvin, in the abortion that was the 2005The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy remake. I can’t think of many more actors even close to that level of success.
So, what’s my point here? I have no idea. I guess I just found it odd that I hadn’t noticed Warwick’s box office wizardry earlier.

Also, I watch a lot of bad movies.

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  1. You realize you could make the almost exact same point about Alan Rickman, All the Potters, he played Marvin in Hitchhiker’s Guide, he played Liam Neeson in Episode One and David Bowie in Labryinth.

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