Episode 100 – Celebrating the 100th, crudely w/ Bill, Matt, & Steph

Holy good god damn, 100 episodes! It feels like yesterday that I first turned on a microphone to tell you about utter bullshit and insane theories… ahhh, the memories. Now it’s 100 and not much improved, except for better microphones and more friends to talk to. This episode includes loads of clips from friends of the show, fellow podcasters, and a genuine famous person… and they are all equally lovely(Except the famous guy. He is much better than the rest of them… for he is famous).


@ToddGlass @MonkeyMagicEden @Dreckface @DrewSample @ChrisReddie @ProducerBill @Steph_Infect @MoternMedia @zachariahia @TheHolocast101 @Sherwinsleeves @JillHimitsu @_MikeStuart @imBammetje @slapweasel @BlakeWexler @MitchNutter @Writtenconsent @RayTaylor @bleak07 Erin, Annelies, Shannon, Justin Johnson, Alexx… from the future, Darius, English Accent Guy, Brad


ithinkifoundsomething.com; Sleeves(atomsmotion.com); Joe Esposito; Counting Crows; Paula Abdul; Poorly Sung Europe’s “The Final Countdown”; probably some others too.

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