Episode 57 – Jon Jones might be a puss-wack

Hey guys, welcome to Alexxcast 58. In this episode we welcome Bill Howze and Shaun McGann into Echo Chamber Studios to see what fun can be had with faulty internet and annoying, record-like, pops and hisses. It’s a good one… I think… Assuming you like Eddie and the Cruisers…. and Bon Jovi jokes, lots of Bon Jovi jokes. . Find Shaun on Twitter: @bleak07 Bill’s music: reverbnation.com/legionofloom ithinkifoundsomething.com facebook.com/alexxcast Twitter: @thealexxcast . Music: The Violent Femmes; BRUCE!; Eddie and the Cruisers; random rap songs we don’t know that well; THE Bon Jovi; and probably some other nonsense as well.

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