Episode 79 – Listener questions and proof of the Holy Mick Foley Trinity

Hello people, welcome to episode 79 featuring John C. Meyes, aka @slapweasel. We answer listener questions; prove that Mick Foley’s career was a metaphor for the trinity of the christian god; and offer many a movie recommendation. Enjoy!

Shouted out in this episode: @Potentbrew @QuietTime5 @TheHolocast101 @JasonKilled @zachariahia @DaCuckoosNest @ATLeut @slapweasel @Writtenconsent @MonkeyMagicEden @TedsOnAEmporium @steph_infect


Russian Messiah Video

Gay wrestling into

Assman Intro


Music: Sleeves; atomsmotion.com

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