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Hey guys… it’s me.. Alexx! The studio computer is dying. When it does we will lose the ability to have Skype/Call-in guests. It will also markedly lower the audio quality, and add hours to the editing process. So, I need money for a computer… or if you have a newish old computer you don’t need, I’ll take it!

But, yes, we need help to keep the show going as you like it. If you have the extra loot laying around please use the PayPal link on the right hand side of the front page.
Or send PayPal to alexxcast(at)

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Thanks for your support over the years. It’s very much appreciated.

Your donations make this
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Friends! In an effort to buy a new computer for the show(And afford rent) I’ve started offering my Tarot readings to you fine people to buy.



I’ve been a reading since 1996, mostly working with Crowley’s Thoth deck. I use a hybrid style of traditional tarot interpretation, and the more intuitive/psychic style. Between the years of occult practice near my main deck, and the 18 years of readings done with them, these things are just brimming with odd energy… You know you want to give it a try.

I’ve included links to me talking about tarots below, including my recent live Tarot reading on “The Higherside Chats

Rates(Via PayPal):
Please contact me with what sort of reading you’d like:

Simple 3 card, Past, Present, Future: $5.00
Course of action 5 card spread: $10.00
Full Reading(Sliding Scale): $20.00 for a general reading, up to a full reading on Skype/Recorded video with crossing cards and Q&A: $100.00

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