How people find me.

I think I’ve mentioned earlier that Google loves me; This blog has an irrationally large amount of first page result phrases. For a short time typing the phrase “Bigfoot Porno” was Google result number one. Currently if you type “Anthropoid Ossuary” I’m the top result. Those don’t surprise me too much, in that I do tend to write often about monkeys fucking.
The thing that weirds me out is that I get one or two people a day finding their way here by searching Google images for “Calvin and Hobbes”… I’ve never posted a picture of C&H, let alone devoted any length of time to them. There was one post about finding some pre-Calvin and Hobbes Watterson drawings, but that’s it. For some reason that search string shows up in my site statistics often. Just something I found strange… also, the spell check for Blogger doesn’t have the word ossuary in it. That is sad.

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One thought on “How people find me.

  1. Hey, how do you do this?!?! I mean find out where people find you? I would love to know how people find me over at f*space…

    btw, how are you? I love popping in here from time to time — you have a wonderful way with words!

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