I like Bill Murray

I don’t want to bore anyone with horror stories of stumbling out of CBGBs piss drunk with no way to get back to NJ, but I will say that I’ll miss the place. It’s sad to see it go. Oh, and if the owner manages to move it to Las Vegas, like it’s being reported, I will be waiting on opening day with an arm-full of bitchslap.
And, now for the unveiling of the part of the post which relates to the title:
This makes Bill Murray so damned endearing it scares me. I want to hug him… just once… but in a manly way, you know, like hit each other on the back while it’s happening.

Here’s a random picture from the Livejournal image generator, which is a really swell way to waste time. I’ve taken the time to point out its more horrifying points:
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  1. Man, this blog has really degraded. What happen to the thoughtful prose stuffed with deep ideas and subtle humor?

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