New years and the like

Happy new year and blah blah blah… Don’t much care for this holiday, save for one thing: Twilight Zone marathon. This show is addictive. It’s the only reason I like that a year ended.
Reasons why I love the TZ:
1) mannequins are scary
2) beauty is only skin deep? My god. I’d never have guessed
3) Burgess Meredith shows up often
4) Burgess Meredith playing the book nerd banker guy… Wonderful episode
5) Shatner!
6) Holy crap, it’s a computer after all.
7) OOOOOOoooooOOOOOO, size is relative. The little girl puts the humans back on the train set/alien swats NASA craft/astronauts find tiny culture become gods
8) Telly Mother fuckin’ Savalas
a) dolls are scary
9) ventriloquist dummies are scary
10) hitchhikers are scary
11) Oh shit, you mean we’ve been dead the whole episode?
12) It’s a good life: the one with the little boy who controls the town with his mind
13) playing pool for your soul
14) Shatner again… Come on, that one with the devil head fortune teller? That was good stuff
and the final reason I love the Twilight Zone: The Midnight Sun.

Well, that just wasted our time… One pointless way to start the new year, eh? Good luck!

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One thought on “New years and the like

  1. the devil head one was awesome! “will we be out of ridgefield before 7?”

    “that all depends…”

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