Old bogs, part 2

So, after stumbling upon an old blog(last post) I decided to go back and read the old blog, the direct antecedent to this one. A few things struck me upon reading:

And, by means of clarification:
It seems my last post confused a couple readers who I know outside this little space. So, for clarification purposes: I love Portland. There are times when I’m wandering around late at night, or long weekend days, where I just can’t fucking believe I get to live here. It’s about as close to happy as I can get. When I speak of moving back East, or teaching abroad, it’s based more on discomfort there, rather than here. I’ve gotten comfortable here… too much so I imagine. So, leaving to something new, or the old discomforts of ‘home’ could only do me good. Anyway, I felt I wanted to clarify… for no good reason.

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