On having nothing to write about:

I haven’t seen many writers talk about writer’s block. And on that note, I just found something to write about. I downloaded a file called “blues and jazz: Miles Davis, Coltrane and Bill Evans,” this was about 3-6 months ago. I had yet to listen to it, until I typed the first sentence of this entry. The first part is this really bluesy, but playful, rendition of “my favorite things”. I was digging on it. But, for some reason, after that first song the file turns into the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar. Now… that’s funny. Especially after my last entry on here, Jesus music from my machine is just wrong.


Honestly, what the hell is wrong with these people? And by these people I mean the ones who mislabel mp3’s, not Christians; there’s no figuring out what the hell is wrong with them. What do these people expect from mislabeling an mp3? Do they, in there demented belief riddled heads, imagine a young file stealing person actually being converted by this pablum? Do they play out whole elaborate scenarios involving jazz fans, digging on Coltrane, high as a kite, listening to Jesus Christ Superstar, falling to their knees and accepting God? Honestly, what was the point of this? Why ruin a perfectly mp3 with pseudo-religious rhetoric?

Well, I’m convinced now. I’m officially a Christian. The up-tempo rock guitar and soulful singing of some hippy pretending to be Jesus, or Judas(does it really matter?), has swayed me. I can’t believe how blind I’ve been? How could I have survived this long only listening to quality secular, read as satanic, music? Man, that God-shaped hole is just filled right up. Thanks Christian file sharers of the world! You’re job here is done. Move on to the next file on your list. I recommend you change Led Zeppelin 4 to a Catholic mass, in Latin, that’ll win them all over.

See, all you have to do is sit down to type about having nothing to say, and God provides. Thanks Jesus! Tell Dad and the other spooky guy you hang out with I said Hello.

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2 thoughts on “On having nothing to write about:

  1. miles davis’ “’round about midnight” kicks jesus’s dead ass anyday. people need to get their priorities straight.

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