Episode 300R – Invoking a past self w/ Montana Jordan

Welcome to episode 300R, wherein Montana Jordan returns to the show to use her Ouija board skills to help Alexx talk to his past self as a little girl…. then it gets weird.
Check out Montana’s stuff at montanajordan.com
Support Alexx’s work by signing up for his Patreon: patreon.com/alexxbollen


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Episode 300Q – New listener warning, ghosts, and Alexx’s love of bad TV

Welcome to episode 300Q, wherein Alexx forgets to do the whole “I quit at Episode 300” thing. In this episode Alexx explains the show; answers listener questions (ghosts, spirituality, TV shows, potato chips); plugs his Patreon; and discusses the future of the theme song.


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Episode 300P – Alexx on Pragmagick

It turns out that Alexx, in his original “300” episodes, rarely counted reposting of his guest appearances as actual episodes. So, to make up for this horrific miscounting Alexx has posted his appearance on Pragmagick as part of the continuing 300 make-up series. Christ this is getting complicated. Enjoy!

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Episode 300o – The return of Lillian

Hey guys! This week I break kayfabe and tell Lillian about the whole “episode 300” thing. Then we talk about loads of stuff. I’m typing this like 2 weeks later, so I can’t really tell you much about the discussion. I know video games came up… and we probably made fun of the president. Enjoy!

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Episode 300N – Rock talk with Lars Johnson

Tonight Alexx makes up some silly excuse to continue on past episode 300, then talks to author Lars Johnson to talk about rocks, gems, and, of course, bigfoot. Enjoy!
Lars’ books on Amazon:
Rockhounding Oregon
Rockhounding Washington

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Episode 300M – Alexx on MAB #35

This episode is from Erik Arneson’s My Alchemical Bromance. We talked about microdosing, BMO, podcasting, and more!

Make sure to support Alexx’s Patreon to hear more weird stuff.  patreon.com/alexxbollen

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Episode 300L – Peacock Goat Review with Aaron David and Vanessa

In this occult-fueled episode, Alexx tries to get to 300 ‘real’ episodes by talking to Charm the Water’s Aaron David and Vanessa of The Peacock Goat Review. The conversation focused on Aaron and Vanessa’s journey into ritual magick, while touching on all sorts of other occult and esoteric goodness. Also! Alexx announces his Patreon! Go, give him money for all the 300 episodes he’s doing! patreon.com/alexxbollen



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Episode 300K – Alexx and Erik Hate Stuff w/

In this episode, Alexx realized that there were missing episodes of the Alexxcast…. so he bravely steals from his other show to discuss Eyes Wide Shut with returning guest Erik Arneson @arnemancy

Also! Alexx announces his Patreon! patreon.com/alexxbollen

Find Erik’s podcast “My Alchemical Bromance” wherever you download your podcasts or https://myalchemicalbromance.com/

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Episode 300J – Listener questions, begging for reviews, and a silly story

Last show of 2018! And it’s terrible! I basically beg for reviews; whine about how lonely I am; then read some weird thing I found in my writing folder. But, hey, content is content, right? Right! Ok, Happy Everything and see you next year!

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Episode 300I – All sorts of Fortean goodness w/ Roejen

Hey guys, I realized that I never equalized my podcast appearances vs. my podcast hosting, and therefore haven’t actually made 300 real episodes (It makes sense, trust me). To remedy this, Roejen from Project Archivist joins us to discuss all sorts of esoteric and Fortean goodness. With a very special guest appearance from Stephanie Quick.
Topics included: UFOs, ghosts, podcasting, empathic abilities, and how to get rid of the Fenris wolf Tulpa you may have accidentally summoned. Enjoy!

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