Episode 300E – An exploration of the esoteric with Stephanie Quick

Alexx realized that his last music episode had very little talking in it, and therefore doesn’t count as a real episode… so, to continue his quest to make 300 real episodes of the show, Stephanie Quick came on for a rousing discussion of the esoteric. Enjoy!

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Episode 300D – Building 51 W/ Jennifer L. Place

Alexx realized that he did a best-of a few years back, so he’s doing a make-up show to make sure that there are actually 300 episodes.

Tonight, author Jennifer L. Place joins the show to discuss her book, Building 51. Enjoy!

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Episode 300C – Rosicruc-a-rama W/ Erik Arneson

Alexx realized that he did a best of show a couple years ago and therefore didn’t actually get to 300 episodes. So, he invited Erik Arneson @arnemancy back on to make up for the missing show. Topics include: Rosicrucians, Freemasonry, and lots more.

Find Erik’s podcast “My Alchemical Bromance” wherever you download your podcasts or https://myalchemicalbromance.com/

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Episode 300B – Reverse RPGs, summer stuff, and a random poem

Alexx realized that he used some of his other shows as episodes of the Alexxcast, so he had to do another episode to get to actual 300. Topics include: Antiquated terms; an idea for an RPG in reverse; reminiscences of summer; and inexplicably a beat poem. Enjoy!

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Episode 300A – A fair and balanced discussion with Lillian

Alexx realized that he actually didn’t get to 300 “real” episodes so he invited Lillian on to make up for the difference.

In this episode Alexx and Lillian vent about how awful things are and pretty much blame the Trumpy-Right. So, you know, if you swing that direction maybe skip this one…. definitely skip this one… and most others now that I think on it… really, why the fuck would you ever listen to a show like this? Geez… learn how to read a room.

Oh, Alexx also reads some Harry Potter fan fiction involving a groinsaw. Enjoy!



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Episode 300 – Semi-farewell stammering and a reading

So this is it- 300 episodes of the Alexxcast and I still don’t know whether to capitalize the ‘t’ in “The” Alexxcast. Also, this serves as a bit of a send-off if no more episodes happen. I explain in all very succinctly in the episode… I assure you there will be no confusion as to the future of the show after you listen… seriously… it’s all in there. Anyway, thanks for listening all these years. I love you all for the support you’ve shown… not you though, you’ve done nothing and deserve most of the blame for the show’s current state. You know who you are. Nah, you’re cool too, have a beer on me.



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Episode 299 – If I’m on the late side w/ Shaun McGann

Hello and welcome my dearests! Tonight Shaun McGann is back on the show to discuss his new book, If I’m on the Late Side; Star Wars; and what it was like working on Doctor Who. Enjoy!


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Episode 298 – A strong D w/ Steph

Hey guys! It’s me, Alexx, from John and Alexx Hate Stuff Johnandalexxhatesuff.com (Available on the Apple podcast app, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, et al). Tonight we welcome Steph back in studio to discuss: Strong D; medical awkwardness; Tinder wanting us to fuck dogs; and much more! Enjoy!

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Episode 297 – Game of Thrones, and Tinder w/ Steph

Tonight Steph is back in studio to answer listener questions; talk about game of thrones; and detail the annoyances of Tinder and online dating in general. Enjoy!


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Episode 296 – Alexx’s other podcast!

Tonight, Alexx bravely steals an episode from his other podcast!

Find more episodes at www.johnandalexxhatestuff.com

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