Episode 331 – Book Club #2 The Theravada Machine and Other Stories

Book club 2, wherein Alexx realizes how little the audience gives a shit about interacting with his work. Also he discusses that book you haven’t gotten around to yet.



And yes, I realize I’m being passive aggressive.

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Book club #2 announcement

For the next book club we will be covering my last book “The Theravada Machine and Other Stories” in full, with spoilers. Please get your questions and comments in by December 15th.

Alexxcast at gmail; Alexxcast on Facebook: @TheAlexxcast on Twitter.

The Theravada Machine and Other Stories on Amazon or Powells

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Episode 330 – Summoning yet another cartoon demon w/ Erik Arneson

Hey ghouls, it’s me AHHHHHHlexx! Welcome to the Alexxcast Halloween episode. This year Erik Arneson joins us to try and summon a cartoon demon… a different one this time! Enjoy!

Website: arnemancy.com
Twitter: @arnemancy
IG: @arnemancy

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Episode 329 – Hudson Valley paranormal goodness with Dr. CS Matthews (WHAM)

Tonight we welcome Dr. CS Matthews (WHAM) on the show to discuss her new book “Mysterious Beauty: Living With The Paranormal In The Hudson Valley.” Topics ranged from UFOs, Bigfoot, Native American magic, and much more.

Mysterious Beauty: Living With The Paranormal In The Hudson Valley on Amazon
Hudson Valley Paranormal Central on Facebook
Wahabah Hadia Al Muid (WHAM) on Facebook


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Episode 328 – Radio Free Albemuth W/ John C. Meyers

As a follow-up to last episode’s VALIS discussion, we welcome back world champion movie talker, John C. Meyers into the studio to discuss the garbage-fire that is Radio Free Albemuth. Spoilers: The radio was very costly.


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Episode 327 – Book Club: VALIS w/ Eric Millar

Tonight we fulfill the prophecy set forth in that one episode where I said we’d read VALIS as some sort of book club then talk about it. Thus, the prophecy was spoken, thus it was revealed…

Anyway, go read Eric’s books. https://www.amazon.com › Eric-J.-Millar

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Book Club Announcement

Pretty much what the title says. We’re doing Valis by Phillip K Dick. Get questions/comments in by September 22nd.
Social Media Links:
gmail: alexxcast
Twitter: @thealexxcast
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexxcast
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/alexxbollen

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Episode 326 – Book signing, book club, and tick-based vegetarianism

Welcome to episode 226, wherein I discuss various book-related topics, then talk about a tick-born allergy to meat. https://www.wired.com/story/lone-star-tick-that-gives-people-meat-allergies-may-be-spreading
Possible books for the book club:
Dune by Frank Herbert
Corpus Hermeticum (This edition https://www.amazon.com/Way-Hermes-Translations-Definitions-Trismegistus/dp/0892811862)
Valis by Phillip K Dick
Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger

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Guest appearance on Charm the Water

Alexx on Charm the Water. Find them at charmthewater.com @charmthewater

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Episode 325 – Solo show from the heart of a vacation

Tonight, Alexx prattles on about reviews; talks about a book signing on August 11th at the Standard, 14 NE 22nd, in Portland, OR; and answers a couple of listener requests. Enjoy?

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