Strange videos and odd ideas

So I’ve been batting the idea around of purchasing a microphone for my computer and some form of voice recorder to carrying around. These will be used in conjunction for some kind of spoken word project. I don’t mean a podcast per se, rather a sequence of short narratives with, hopefully, some ambient production behind it. So, does anyone have any insight into these matters? What kind of software and equipment should an amateur like my self get?
This spoken idea comes from the fact that I can’t write worth a shit lately. As evidenced by my lack of updates lately. It seems typing in front of a computer all day at work does, in fact, decrease my ability to type creatively. The notebooks I carry with me still get filled, but this blog thing dies on the cross of typing. So, I figure I can get some speech recognition software and just play my voice recorder into that. It makes for less typing and more editing, which I like doing anyway.
I have rambled long enough. Below, for your viewing enjoyment is some splatter-gore Japanese trailer my buddy sent me a link to: “Machine Girl”

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