Melanie Piekema

Mel painted the first “Tree” back when Periphery was barely more than an outline. Sadly it was lost to time and various apartment moves. All that is left is this grainy and slightly askew picture. But it was¬†a¬†wonderful painting nonetheless.

The first version of

The first version of “The Tree” from Periphery


This is the painting that became the cover for Periphery.

The final painting of

The final painting of “The Tree” from Periphery

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Episode 138 – Relationships, art, aging, and Boba Fett w/ Shaun McGann

Hey guys, it’s me, Alexx! In this episode we are joined again by Shaun McGann the patron saint of New Jersey and lost travelers. We discussed: Being in our thirties; the perils of finding a relationship; how knowing too much about an artist can affect your opinion of them; and, of course, Star Wars/Indiana Jones. Enjoy!



Shaun’s Book: Everyone’s a Stranger

Shaun’s Twitter: @bleak07

Radio station/show Shaun appears on: / Good Music w/ Evan Toth

The Standard:

My books:

Theme by: Sleeves(

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