Episode 159A – Batman, Hitler, Captain Planet, and childcare tips from Alexx

Hey guys, it’s me, Alexx! I went live again and tried to take calls. It didn’t work. Sorry. But, I did manage to get Chris Reddie(@ChrisReddie), Mike(@LastBoneStands), and Mateo(@DreckFace) on! We talked about H.R.¬†Giger, comic books, TV shows, and clitoral circumcision. Also: Listen in wonder as you hear how Hitler made it to Argentina due to a talking dog; how Christopher Hitchens made me doubt my love for Stephen Fry; and make sure to stick around for fun parenting tips from Alexx! Also also: Questions from @ForteanWriter and @OutOfTheAether.


Batman Story РNeil DeGrasse Tyson on PhilosophyH.R. Giger

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