Episode 300M – Alexx on MAB #35

This episode is from Erik Arneson’s My Alchemical Bromance. We talked about microdosing, BMO, podcasting, and more!

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Episode 300F – Microdosing and Asgardian citizenship

Alexx forgot that he used a guest appearance on another podcast instead of original content, so he had to do this make-up show to finally get to 300 real episodes. Topics include microdosing, Asgardia, and some other stuff that I’m sure will titillate and amuse. Enjoy!


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Episode 284 – A live show full of listener questions

Hey guys! Welcome to episode 284! Tonight the show goes live in an attempt to put the new computer through its paces. Amazingly it worked! The live video including the exciting set-up portion is available on the Alexxcast youtube page. Besides the jaw-dropping action of Alexx trying to get the video setting correct, we discuss: How Arthur Conan Doyle would feel about the myriad adaptations of his work; who will host next year’s Academy Awards; a great guide to microdosing; a cool writing app named after a monster; an app for easy sigil making; and lots of listener questions via the Alexxcast subreddit. Also: a certain bar in a certain area of Portland is described in detail… and I think a shout out happened too, but I’m too lazy to go back and confirm that. Enjoy!


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