The Inanimate Carbon Pod(A The Simpsons Podcast) Episode 1

Tonight the newest in podcast entertainment takes over the Alexxcast feed over. Lillian and Alexx discuss The Simpsons. For those not in the know, The Simpsons was an American television show which aired for a single season. It has a large cult following in certain slices of the multiverse.
Simpsons episodes to catch up on before our next episode:
Season 1, episodes 4(There’s No Disgrace Like Home) and 6(Moaning Lisa).

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Episode 210 – Bigfoot, Italian Cinema, and an Illuminati party w/ John & Devon

Tonight  I am joined in studio by regular guest John Meyers, and brand new guy Devon Granmo. We discussed: An Illuminati party; Italian Cinema; took a Simpsons quiz; talked bigoot; and Alexx ruins a Russian literature discussion with fecal-jokes. Enjoy!

Illuminati Party | Bigfoot Portals | Simpsons Quiz


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