The gate to heaven

In the middle part of the previous century there was a group a writers traveling across this country. One of the hot-spots of this culture was San Francisco, land of Ferlinghetti and overly windy streets. Now, in the beginning of a new century, San Fran proves itself an epicenter of cool again.

Now, you all know me pretty well by now; so what would I consider the exact opposite of San Francisco? What would I consider the place least suited for my view of the universe? Apparently, the answer is Missouri(link is at bottom left). I actually like this idea, I really do. I’m not being sarcastic, just hear me out here. This country seems divided between two opposing sides, religion and science, belief and logic. The growing trend is for religion to effect science, thereby diluting both. Intelligent design makes a cuckold of both science and belief, so just give it up. Let states have official religions if they want one. Those states can teach their intelligent design, or pure creationism, in schools. The other, non religion based, states will continue teaching the scientific method, continuing the tradition of discovery and innovation of ideas. Basically we’d separate into “science states” and “religion states.”

Oh, and when the religious states start to fail miserably, there will be no help from the science states.

And just to lighten things up after a religious diatribe: A strangely addictive game

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