The girl on my bus…

Please believe me, I’m not one of those guys that creepily stare at young ladies on the bus… I’m not! I sit quietly with headphones on and stare out the most convenient window and wait for work, occasionally making accidental eye contact with someone and quickly darting my eyes away. I think this is the civilized way of riding mass transit.
However, there is this woman who rides my bus in the morning who has completely enraptured me. It’s bothersome. She sat in the seat in front of me, and for some reason I looked. Withdrawing a book from her purse, I resisted the urge to crane my neck to read it’s title(and by resist the urge I really mean “waited till she was reading before risking a look”). I saw that it was one of the Dirk Gently books by Douglas Adams(famous for writing Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). My heart palpitated, my eyes widened… an attractive female primate in my age range and proximity reading something so nerdy and I’m a huge fan of? This was a stroke of luck unrivaled in the history of bus riding. But, then the sad truth hit me: Because I’m not a creepy staring guy, I’m also not a creepy talk to random person on the bus guy.
I sit alone and lament that somewhere near my apartment is the apartment of a girl so well suited for me, and yet I am powerless to make our entwined destiny known to her. It’s the cosmic farce of lonely awareness. Or, it’s the exact reason we’ve both read Dirk Gently. I’m the holistic detective of the bus, and if my hunch is correct, I’ll meet her in a week. Or, if my hunch isn’t correct I’ll get hit by a different bus carrying a man reading a book about apiary building. Who knows? I guess I’ll have to take comfort in the fact that I’ve managed to not be outwardly creepy to a person on my bus. That’s something, right? Right?

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One thought on “The girl on my bus…

  1. Far be it from me to tell a stranger what to do in a situation such as yours, but seeing as how I have been in similar situations like this, I feel I should impart some of my knowledge to you. The next time you see this woman on your bus or on the street or wherever, just talk to her! You already have something in common wih her so the ice breaker is in the can! Trust me on this, it will eat at you until you start to resent yourself for not being bold enough to take a chance! What’s the worst that can happen? She won’t be interested in talking with you? Not likely! If you show interest in her she will respond. Be prepared though, because depending on how far you may want this to go, she may already be involved with someone. Bottom line, taking a chance is always better then never knowing what could have been! Good luck!

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