The Mahabharata

I wish to tell you that my intellectual powers stop just short of making any sort of sense of the Mahabharata. It just seems like people having incredible children and then never showing up again. This makes my rereading of the Bhagavad Gita a somewhat scary proposition. I read bits of it in college, but mostly those weird verses which talk about nuclear wars and UFOs. Google nuclear war in the Bhagavad Gita if that comment makes no sense. In short: they describe these flying vessels that the gods use to wage wars, which sound like modern “UFO” encounters. Later it describes a bright fire weapon which kills at a distance, much like radiation poisoning. There’s more to the theory including an irradiated city they supposedly found in India.

Lately I’ve been avoiding novel writing, podcasting, and blogging by watching old science fiction shows and going through ancient bits of paper I found in an old folder. Once I get the house to myself I will record a new one, or write something less Indian mythical… I swear this to you.

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2 thoughts on “The Mahabharata

  1. I don’t mind the Indian mystical stuff; this has added some new reading material to my reading list. Thank you!
    (And good luck on getting some quiet with which to record your next podcast.)

  2. I’m happy to help with reading list growth anytime you’re lacking. I spend way too much of my life reading random obscurica.

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