The workin’ man blues 2, electric boogaloo

So I got a real job, fluorescent lighting and all. I am now working at a place doing data entry and microfilm scanning. Basically, I got the same job plus some scanning. Though, this time the gig is full time; for those of you who follow at home, you’ll now notice a decrease in my Raman noodle intake. The people there seem very friendly. The dress is casual, and the receptionist is my age and cute. Seems like a place I can fit into well. One excited anthropoid.

So that’s the normal; but I don’t think you’re here for the normal. There was some cosmic/karmic/dharmic coincidence surrounding my finding this job. Basically, a month into my stay in Oregon my brother said that it would take three months to find a job. I got mine Thursday, the 26th, exactly three months since my arrival. It was stranger still because I interviewed with 2 people in one day and was immediately hired… It felt like it had to happen that day. The few days prior to my hiring, a good friend of mine was visiting from NJ. He loved Portland, but found the idea that I can’t find a job disheartening. He couldn’t move anywhere where work is that hard to find; so I find a job to prove this city’s worth. Could this all be coincidence? I think so, but still, it’s a little weird.

I’m planning another update within a day to talk about visitors from New Jersey, friends turning 21, the joy of not starving to death and a few more links for your eyeballs pleasure.

Well, I try to give out fun links every entry. This one is no different.
Let’s start with a strangely addictive sand game. Trust me, you’ll stay far longer than you’d expect. Oh, and let me interject a little warning here. I may repeat links, sorry if I do. But I get so many new sites mailed and IM’d to me in a given week, the bookmarks get a little muddled up. Speaking of muddled up, walk home drunk. It’s German, we like German’s here at one angry anthropoid. And to finish the game link fest, this thing. I recommend swarm.

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  1. I’d love to hear more about the Dude from Jersey, he sounds intriguing.

    PS: Check out the D from J’s new blog post.

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