The workin’ man blues

That title is misleading. I work 4 hours a day, twice a week. Basically, I go to the courthouse in Hillsboro and pull 4 sets of files, circuit, probation, Name change, and civil. Then I scan through the files and type them out in shortened form, pertinent details etc. For hours on end, ok 4, I type in marital separation notices. Every folder, a new dissolution. Dissolution after dissolution, every now and again it breaks up with a request for adoption of a child or a restraining order for child abuse. Then back to dissolution after dissolution, mind numbing dissolution. I never thought I’d be excited by seeing a paper detailing child abuse. I still need a real job, but, at least, this keeps me alive for a bit.

Today, whilst waiting for the max, a guy started talking to me about bow hunting. He then detailed how he was into reenacting medieval fights with his friend. Fifteen minutes of this prattle and finally the train was about to leave. He switched a pamphlet out of his right hand to his left, and I saw that it was labeled “dealing with herpes”. He reached out and tried to shake goodbye. Now, a few things went through my mind at that moment: fuck no, eww, how do I avoid this? Etc… So what did I do? Well, I reached deep down, mustered my strength and told him I had to run. I turned my back to him and walked away. I felt a little bad, he wasn’t such a horrible guy… But man, I’m not touching that. Now, for someone who doesn’t have a terrible disease…

My very good friend Rich, from NJ, will be here on Monday. I’m really excited about this. I left NJ in October, and I can say, without much hesitation, that I haven’t really had a great run with new people. Aside from my brother and his lady, a few bar conversations, one or three call backs, and a few coffee shop chats I haven’t had a real extended conversation. It’ll be nice to have someone to talk to for a bit.

Hey look over there a segue! The speed of light may not be so constant. I find that pretty interesting, and thought I’d share it with you, my loyal reader(s).

Shit, the segue just turned a corner, guess you’ll have to trust me there was one. Portland bus drivers are a bad ass lot.

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One thought on “The workin’ man blues

  1. That article about the speed of light didn’t get to the nitty gritty. No explanation – just a theory at the moment.

    Interesting stuff.

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