Tom Waits on a bike.

It’s hard to ride a bicycle and be depressed. Seriously, try it. I dare you to pedal melancholic, it’s fucking impossible! Impossible!
If I were to invent some math to describe this I believe there would be an inverse proportion of pedal press to velocity, and velocity to subtle enjoyment. It’s hard to have Sisyphean efforts proportionate to your grief, damn near impossible except for steep hills… even then you can just get off to walk. Anyway, I rode around this morning with a head full of hangover and an mp3 player full of depressing songs, still I fell back into the subtle joy of velocity and the tiny hopes of progress.

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One thought on “Tom Waits on a bike.

  1. Even the steap hills can be a respit from the drudgery. Progress is even more satisfying when the work is hard but it is achieved. Riding my bike always makes me happy too…e

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