Transformers the movie, Leonard Nimoy and a plane ticket.

Clinton street theater is my new favorite place on the planet. The last two weeks I’ve seen Blue Velvet and Transformers: The Movie there. There is some perverse pleasure to be had when you can drink a Pabst Blue Ribbon and listen to Dennis Hopper scream about aforementioned beer. Or conversely, drink the aforementioned PBR while watching cartoon robots fight a giant anus voiced by Orson Wells. And, for a vaguely cogent segue, Leonard Nimoy was a voice actor on Transformers: the movie

“When anyone asks me who my favorite poet is, I answer Leonard Nimoy. When asked who my favorite author is I always answer Chekov. I try to remind myself of this when I wonder why I have very few friends.”
The friends I left behind in New Jersey have banded together and raised up a “bring Alexx home fund.” This fund(Photo evidence), gathered from the patrons of my old watering hole, has reached enough for me to purchase a ticket back for a few days. NJ is enacting a ban of smoking cigarettes in public. Because of said ban we’re going to be having one last smoky as hell, drunk as sin poetry night at the bar. And I’ll be there, in all my uncomfortable-sit-in-the-corner-scribbling-till someone-talks-to-me glory. It should be fun. I’m nervous about how I’ll react to visiting my old life. It’s been six months in Oregon and I feel like this is my home now. I hope it’s not too depressing to see the old haunts. Though, I am excited to eat a real bagel… damn I miss those.
I’ll probably just take hits off of scotch and cigarettes respectively and call it a fun couple evenings.

And now for the links! That last statement wasn’t really exclamatory, really. I mean, it was more of an upbeat statement than something to be exclaimed. I apologize for the poor punctuation.

Let’s start with the depressing: Eavesdropping Bill. “Reporters who write about government surveillance could be prosecuted under proposed legislation…(AP)” Sigh… I really… I mean…
Alexx hangs his head in shame and walks towards better news:

Evidence for Universe Expansion Found Now let’s follow that happy physics news with this little tidbit. And with that, the world, and more importantly my sanity, is safe again.

And now for something completely different! 100 SF Books. I don’t agree with some of the list, but for the most part a very good compendium of interesting books which you should check out.

Oh, and let me welcome anyone who came over from Welcome! See, that was good exclamation usage.

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