Vernal Equinox

I walked around SE Portland today and saw signs of the rebirth that sets in after the rain: the shoulders and necks of girls more exposed; the ashtrays outside coffee shops more full; the streets more apt to hold bicycles; the air more apt to hold the odors of the rutting plants, spearing up through the dirt, and hanging over the sidewalk. So I followed the familiar smells of new flora down the backstreets until I found a comfortable spot to sit and stare into the branches overhanging. Two women walked by me and smiled, I returned with a smirk, and they continued down the road. I sipped leisure coffee and welcomed the spring.
I guess if I thought about it long enough I’d say I believe in an amalgam of Buddhism, science, NLP, and Neo-Paganism. So, on the Pagan note, I tend to give small worship to the changes of the season. I think today would count as reverence to my devotion to the natural science of having nothing better to do on an early spring day.

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