Wandering again

So I just walked 42 blocks, thought it was a good number to stop at. Saw a coffee shop and thought I’d get a cup. The gentleman working the counter was rude as hell. But it’s free wi-fi; so I stayed.

Old Bob Dylan is playing, the stuff from back when he was folky and good. It’s a very odd feeling to be listening to the same music as I did back when I sat in a coffee shop in NJ. Not that odd, but almost, umm… Let’s say it’s a false comfort. I almost forget that I’m in Portland. It’s the same old Bob singing the same old songs. Which reminds me, you all should find Laudon Wainwright’s “The new Bob Dylans”. It’s a really funny song in tribute to Mr. Dylan. It’s kind of a riff off of “Song for Woody Guthie”. Anyway, I digress. The point of all this is to write about my life in a new city; and all I can think about it how Dylan reminds me of where I came from. Though I guess that’s telling of a new situation. Instead of missing New Jersey, I’m remembering it. The concept of memory verses longing(missing) is probably a good sign of my acceptance of this place as my home. Or that I think about Bob Dylan too much. Or I’m overly caffeinated right now and am typing faster than I think. Either way, we’ll pick this up later.(Saved as draft)

I’m back in Beaverton. The night went from the aforementioned coffee shop to a cafe. The cafe was playing Nick Cave. I was sitting under a picture of Allen Ginsberg drinking a bomber of Arrogant Bastard ale. The girls who worked there were in a side room talking about reincarnation. Life was very comfortable. I could have used a cigarette. The one girl was coming from a very standard point of view on reincarnation, that whole “life ends in death and begins in life again” thing. The other one thought a bit more like I do about the subject. She seemed to think it was more related to physics and the distribution of energy.
Philosophy 101: We are all made of matter. Matter is energy moving slower. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, we are eternal. Beer Pong later?

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