Coffee shops and the recently old

The coffee shop I frequent is playing “Spiritualized: ladies and gentleman we’re floating in space” and I’m glad to listen to it again. It’s odd the way an old song or album will affect you. This inexplicably reminded me of a car ride home from a diner, drunk and trying to put the pieces back together. Anyway, I’m happy to hear it again.
The reason I’m writing you, dear reader, is to give you insight into‘s collection of film noir, which I think I found it at BoingBoing.
Way back in the antiquated days of my collegiate career I took a lot of film classes, mostly focused in early American film, noir inclusive. There’s something really beautiful about the way shots were framed, like they held a perspective lost in the modern film. I liked the blocky dialogue and the blocky kisses; the terrible backgrounds as they drove; the subtle interactions of shadows; the metaphors slipped into scenery; it was all great.
Of course I took a degree in writing and the film obsession fell to the wayside. But I found that archive and it was like walking into a coffee shop and hearing a song which had been forgotten in the long years between experiences, and I just wanted to share that with you.

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