I found an old blog

So, I stumbled up an old blog of mine that I had completely forgotten existed; to be fair I don’t even remember creating it. This dates back to my early college years. There’s only 12 entries, but it was weird to read. Apparently I:
drank a lot more coffee; had much better luck with lady folk; and, the main thing noticed, was that I was less fearful of writing with intimacy(see a blatant example in the previous line wherein I dodged the usage of “getting laid” by using archaic phrases). It seems I’ve developed quite a pansy streak over these last few years. I should like to look at this fact more closely. The bravado with which I wrote was rather refreshing. There was this sense of.. I don’t know, nudity, about the whole thing. I was a young writer, unafraid to talk about my cock, or conquests. Now, I just typed cock and had that weird nine-volt on the tongue sensation of panic. How strange is that?
I’ve heard that it takes 7 years for your body to completely regenerate. I think that’s bullshit since tattoos spit in the face of that logic… anyway, every 7 years, the idiom goes, we are replaced wholesale. So, am I the person who wrote this forgotten blog? Or, is he gone? Having no tattoos I cannot prove or disprove any of this. I remember the time of that blog, the wording is somewhat familiar, but the tone is different, unfamiliar. So, I guess that’s one dead anthropoid… a now dispelled ideal of collegiate lust and writers desire.
I realize I sound like OneDepressedOldMan right now, but I’m blue when I think about that optimistic young buck… that collegiate Alexx filled with chemicals and ambition.
I need a change soon. I’m thinking about teaching abroad for awhile and coming back to Portland’ Or maybe moving back east for a bit and take in some more college, something to get back that spark of creativity ambition.
Anyway, I found an old bog today, and it reminded me of something.

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One thought on “I found an old blog

  1. Best post in years….Hate to say it, but you can never go home again. Don’t confuse regression with change. Yeah, you should go East…Go teach English!

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