Episode 300R – Invoking a past self w/ Montana Jordan

Welcome to episode 300R, wherein Montana Jordan returns to the show to use her Ouija board skills to help Alexx talk to his past self as a little girl…. then it gets weird.
Check out Montana’s stuff at montanajordan.com
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Episode 280 – Ouija, ghosts, and all things paranormal w/ Katie Montana Jordan

Hey guys! Welcome to episode 280. Tonight we welcome Katie Montana Jordan into the studio to discuss all things paranormal. We delve into the nature of ghosts; how Ouija boards work; tarot; how I’m haunted by a Native American shaman; and detail Katie’s plan to marry the specter of Elvis Aaron Presley. Enjoy!
*Note: As I’ve mentioned a million times, the studio needs an overhaul. That’s why Katie’s microphone sounds different from mine. Donate funds via PayPal to alexxcast@gmail.com if you wanna help me pay for new equipment*


Katie’s Twitter: www.twitter.com/KMontanaJordan
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Oregon Ghost Conference: www.oregonghostconference.com
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