Episode 300H – Summoning a cartoon demon w/ Erik Arneson Pt. 1

Hey guys, it turns out that I never tried to summon a cartoon demon before… so how could I possibly say that I’ve done 300 full episodes without the ubiquitous “summoning a cartoon demon episode” all podcasts are known for? So, Erik Arneson rejoins the show in an attempt to summon Hunson Abadeer. Enjoy!

Part 2 can be found on all podcatchers or on Erik’s site My Alchemical Bromance.


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Episode 294 – Grimoires, esoterica, and Supergirl w/ Erik Arneson

Salve amicis! Welcome to episode 294. Tonight we welcome back the grandmaster of esoterica Erik Arneson into the studio. The topics ranged from grimoires to Supergirl; from Periphery to ritual magick; and, of course, Alexx’s flatware. Enjoy!


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Erik’s Website: https://arnemancy.com/
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