Episode 340 – Winged kitties and synchronicities w/ Stephanie Quick

In this winged-cat-based episode Stephanie Quick rejoins the show to discuss forteana, synchronicities, and calmly deals with Alexx’s nonsense. Enjoy!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WanderinBritchz
Blog: https://stephaniequick.home.blog/

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Episode 300I – All sorts of Fortean goodness w/ Roejen

Hey guys, I realized that I never equalized my podcast appearances vs. my podcast hosting, and therefore haven’t actually made 300 real episodes (It makes sense, trust me). To remedy this, Roejen from Project Archivist joins us to discuss all sorts of esoteric and Fortean goodness. With a very special guest appearance from Stephanie Quick.
Topics included: UFOs, ghosts, podcasting, empathic abilities, and how to get rid of the Fenris wolf Tulpa you may have accidentally summoned. Enjoy!

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Episode 300E – An exploration of the esoteric with Stephanie Quick

Alexx realized that his last music episode had very little talking in it, and therefore doesn’t count as a real episode… so, to continue his quest to make 300 real episodes of the show, Stephanie Quick came on for a rousing discussion of the esoteric. Enjoy!

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