Episode 154 – Accents, conspiracy theories, and futurism gone mad! w/ monkeymagiceden

Hello my friends. I am Alexx, and this is a show I did. Please welcome back with open arms my bonnie darling from across the sea, Mr. Eden Penketh(@MonkeyMagicEden) of the Old Enough to Know Better podcast. We discussed a wide range of topics including: The linguistic nuances of Johnny Vegas; Scientology; Catholic cannibalism; and those damn kids these days, what with their video games, racism, and texting whilst in flagrante delicto. Also! We talk about podcasting, the future of VR tech, and Eden does a pretty spot on North American accent. Enjoy!

Also, please make sure to stop by Paranormal People Online to read my guest post about Chaos Magick and the Commodore 64.

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