Wiz Biz with Alexx and Erik – Episode 1

Hello my dearest friends,

I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve placed episode 1 of my new podcast, Wiz Biz, in the alexxcast feed. Given that you’re reading this, I presume you don’t mind. And for that, I kiss you on the forehead… with your consent.

Available wherever you find podcasts

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Episode 347 – The series finale

Alexx says goodbye. It’s sad. He makes an attempt at making it amusing. He loves you all.



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Episode 346 – Steph Quick and Professor WHAM talk Spiritual Friendship

In this very special episode, Alexx hands over the reins to Steph Quick.

Professor WHAM aka Dr. C.S. Matthews joins Alexx and Stephanie Quick to discuss spiritual friendship from the perspective of seekers & teachers. WHAM shares her experiences in groups from AA, to a small cult which drew from the Renaissance Faire community, to her initiation into Sufism (in which she acts as a teacher).



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Episode 345 – Distractions from a global plague

Alexx talks about his broken brain and what is keeping him from painting the walls with it. Enjoy!

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Episode 344 – Live show with Arnemancy

Halloween 2020 Arnemancy and I tried a dual-branded live Halloween show. Turns out I’m not good at Zoom calls with that many people on it and didn’t talk much. But, yeah, give it a listen- the other people were interesting at least. Erik’s write up with links and whatnot: https://arnemancy.com/articles/podcast/halloween-showdown-with-the-alexxcast/

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Episode 343 – Forteans, fairies, and flying saucers with Matt Hopewell and Steph Quick

Alexx and guest cohost Stephanie Quick welcome experiencer and researcher Matt Hopewell (aka ‘AP Strange’) to discuss the Fortean Name Game; the Ontological Status of the Loch Ness monster; Hoaxes and the Rooster’s Egg; Al Crowley as Trickster in Ruby Slippers; Psychological Warfare and Swedish Swingers from Space; the Science of Fairy Skepticism; and Matt’s own experience of Catalytic Exteriorization (with historical recreation of the original incident involving Jung and Freud).
Find Matt at:

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Episode 342 – Post-vacation madness with Roejen and Steph Quick

In this wide-ranging episode, Stephanie Quick and Roejen Razorwire return to the show. We discuss the future of the Alexxcast; Roejen’s trip Utah; the inexplicable nature of panty naming; and, of course, intimate Predator anatomy.


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Hey there people, I’m taking a quick vacation. The clip explains it all. In the meantime listen to John and Alexx Hate Stuff! johnandalexxhatestuff.com 

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Episode 341 – Adventures in randonauting

Welcome to episode 341, wherein Alexx wastes many hours of his life doing something stupid just to have something to discuss on the show. Enjoy!

Randonaut subreddit

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Episode 340 – Winged kitties and synchronicities w/ Stephanie Quick

In this winged-cat-based episode Stephanie Quick rejoins the show to discuss forteana, synchronicities, and calmly deals with Alexx’s nonsense. Enjoy!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WanderinBritchz
Blog: https://stephaniequick.home.blog/

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