The point is that your sacrifices to the void go unoticed. You’re there to throw what you have into the void, the aether, and nothing comes. if something happens, then you are lucky, but, you are not lucky.. .that;s the god damned point. We’re here to experiance, to live, as we live, as we experiance. So, le tth evoid eat it all, let it be uncaring, unknowing. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your existence, your devotion to it. Don’t think because something happened elsewhere it happens there, or here, or anywhere else. No matter fame, or weath, or kids, or wife, we’re all servents to the void. We’re all kindred spirits to the great nothing which may or mya not swollow us all. The point is to live as is your way, and if your sacrifices are known, then well and good, if they go unknown, it’s all the same. Just be as you would be, type the words that you would type, press on wven though all else tells you to stop. that’s th egoddmaned rub

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