Giving Thanks

This year I’m thankful for the following things…
In no particular order:
Bacon. Eggs. Cheese. Toasted bread. Dodged hangovers. Chevy puns. The novels of Richard Brautigan. Music by Elliot Smith I’ve never heard. Cold water. MST3K. My loyal readers. Peter Mayhew(He played Chewbacca). And last and certainly not least, free food and booze.

Since I’ve already done a pseudo year-recap entry in October, I felt it necessary to avoid another one; thus a list of random stuff. Thanksgiving doesn’t mean all that much to me, never has. But I hope all of you kids out there in the hinterland of the internet have a happy thanksgiving; Except for whoever it is of you who reads from Manchester, U.K. To you I apologize for the revolutionary war and hope that you overeat at some point today for no good reason.

That is all. Thank you for your time.

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