An atonal Alexxcast Holiday greeting

Hi. I tuned on the mics to sing atonally and say thanks to some people who were cool this year. If you talk to me on Twitter/email often and like hearing your name on the show, this is the one for you! Happy days off work kids.

@RayTaylor @Rarus_Voluntas @Dreckface @thomaskayll @LastBoneStands @heidime5 @tepid_mess @jars_of_awesome @Waterboxer @MonkeyMagicEden @JillHimitsu @ChrisReddie @screwfish @WakingFinnegan @BAAHKAST @zachariahia @PotentBrew @PDXComedyFans @LCSKLN @Talk2Cleo @PatiPHI @ConstantineRane @UFOGnostic @Action_Jaxn @jona_t_han Dani Eric Sam Johnathan Devon Phillip Alice Kim Sasha Kathleen Twisty

Thanks to the regulars: Steph, Matt, John, Bill, Faux, Lillian

And Sleeves is, as always, a gem among us unpressured lumps of shitty coal.


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