I’ve been reading, more and more, about RFID chips and GPS units becoming mandatory. The newest line of American driver’s licenses have embedded RFID… Ok, that’s a little scary. Now, there’s talk about mandatory GPS units in all new cars.
England passed a law which will require all citizens to carry a national ID card, RFID enabled of course, at all times. Now, this isn’t England but we’re coming way too close for my money. I don’t have a car, and don’t plan on buying one. But the idea that you can be monitored every second you’re driving scares me… Orwellian, death squads on the street, Brave New World kind of scared. So, Canada anyone? I heard the beer isn’t too bad, and there’s Hockey! Let us not forget the Hockey!
Anyway, I’ll take off my tin foil hat now and wish all of you a happy boxing day.

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