Episode 281 – Mysterioso Pizzicato, an exploration of live-show failure

Hey guys, welcome to episode 281. Before I even begin to tell you about the episode let me break the important news: I finally found that stupid musical cue I’ve been looking for! I’ve talked about it on the show a million times…. The sneaky cartoon thief music, remember? I mean, this has been years in the making, and finally Atlas Obscura writes an article on it! Praise! Praise! Praise Atlas Obscura!

On tonight’s episode Alexx discussed his newest short story release; discusses possible Oscar winners; his binge watching of The Clone Wars cartoon; a story about how few silent films we still have; a talk about the strange back-story of the “missing” Princess Bride chapters/sequels/etc…; and we update the audience on the Ouija reading from the previous episode- hint: it turns out the mysterious world of the Ouija remains mysterious. Enjoy!


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