My life is sitcomesque at times.

I was drinking coffee at a place I shall leave nameless, typing away at my lill’ Acer netbook(which, inexplicably, is a conversation piece, by no fault of my own). I ended up talking to a rather fetching young woman. By that I mean she asked me about my laptop and I stammered like an idiot in such a manner that she continued the conversation. Anyway, we moved on to the topic of trying to read the title of the books other patrons were reading, and, more accurately, how embarrassing it is to get caught doing this. I agreed and said that’s one of the more uncomfortable eye contacts you can make. Here’s the weird part: the girl brings up how she read an interesting blog post about trying to read book titles when you’re on the bus… Trying to meet someone because of it and how creepy it would be to approach. Hey, that sounds familiar! That’s the very same thing I wrote! I asked for the name of the blog, and she told me it. Of course, it was mine.
I didn’t really know how to react, whether or not I tell her I’m the writer she’s mentioning, or just let it go. I decided to say that it sounded interesting and I’ve often thought about being creepy on a bus(look, it was a weird moment, it’s all I could come up with). It just struck me as more perfect to let that comment go as one would any other, no nodding of head to the synchronicity of it.
So, coffee was consumed, smiles exchanged, and she was off to the aether of pixie faced girls I met for too brief a moment. I was left with an open laptop and strange feeling that stuff like this doesn’t happen to other people with the frequency it does to me. For someone who doesn’t do much more than: work; write; drink(beer/coffee); and wander around; a lot of shit tends to happen to me.
So, now I’m left to wonder if this is a terribly creepy post, or an amusing thing to have a random girl read, assuming she comes back. Don’t get me wrong, this gets posted, creepy or no; but I am curious as to whether it will be taken that way.
So, here’s to you girl from the coffee shop. Thanks for giving me something to type about.

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